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Custom Size Flags

1 Shape

Horizontal flag


Like a country flag

Vertical flag


Like a commercial flag

2 Surface

Or select a popular size

Flag size 100x100cm icon
A 100 x 70 cm custom flag size icon used by Helloprint
Cheap and affordable custom flags from Helloprint available in different sizes. Learn more today about our print products.
Recommended flag size150x90cm ensures high visibility of your business.
Flag size 200x100 cm at Helloprint
Print a standard flag at Helloprint to catch the eye of anyone passing by.
100x250 cm flag makes your business stand out from the crowd.
Banner Flag Size 100x300 by Helloprint.
Customise your flag (100x350cm) at Helloprint and increase you visibility of your brand.
Flag size 100x400 cm at Helloprint. A recommended option for outdoor advertising.
A 150x400cm flag size at Helloprint ensures your business highly visible.
3 Material

Standard flag material


110gsm polyester fabric

Strong flag material with a fine structure. Material is hemmed to prevent fraying.

Longlife material


115 gsm polyester fabric

Extra strong flag material with mesh structure. Can handle stronger winds, hemming not necessary.

4 Finishing

Cord and loop


- Classic finish - Most popular with small flags (150 x 100cm)

White hooks


- Great for white flags - Perfect for flags bigger than 150 x 100 cm

Black hooks


- Great for black flags - Perfect for flags bigger than 150 x 100 cm

White band with hooks


- Recommended with a white flag

5 Print run

Prices shown are per one design. For multiple designs, add multiple items to your cart and upload the different artwork to each item.

6 Turnaround