Disposable Face Masks (non-medical)

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Protect your team and the public, with our comfortable, protective disposable face masks. They provide a cheap and easy option to keep people safe for shorter periods of time. For more technical information please look at our product's FAQ.
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How long can I use Disposable Face Masks ?
You can use Disposable Face Masks for at most 2 hours and then should be disposed of, by being thrown in a closed off bin
What type of material are Disposable Face Masks made?
These disposable masks are made with a 3-layers non-woven material. Here are the details: - First layer: outer, 23gsm nonwoven fabric. - Second layer: 22gsm made with meltblown technology. - Third layer: inner, 24gsm nonwoven fabric. The 3 layers ensure a high-level of protection.
What type of particles do the face masks filter?
It filters particles larger than 2.5 micron (PM2.5) i.e. it stops things larger than 2.5 micron. Note: This mask is recommended for personal use and is not intended for medical use.
Are your masks intended for a medical use?
No, our masks are not intended for a medical use and are intended for a personal use.
How are the Disposable Face Masks packaged?
Our disposable face masks have a standard packaging of 15 masks per sealed plastic bag. The plastics bags are then put into carboard boxes that will be shipped directly to your preferred delivery address. Based on stock capacities, it can happen that your disposable face masks will be packed by 50 and placed in small paper box.