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Time to design your flyers

Looking to design and print your flyers online?
With our wide range of free flyer templates and images,
creating your perfect flyer has never been so easy.

How to make flyers

Do you have a beautiful design in mind, but no idea where to start or how to bring your flyer to life?
No worries! With our free design software powered by Canva, designing a flyer, perfectly suited to your needs has never been so easy.
Follow this step by step guide to bring out your inner artist and start creating your flyer now!

The one stop shop to design and print your flyers online

Designing flyers is great, but printing them is better.
With our design software powered by Canva, you can create your flyers easily and enjoy thousands of free flyer templates, frames, cool fonts, images and more.
No matter what your flyer's purpose will be, our extensive range of resources can bring your idea's to life and help you design your flyer easily online.
Once you've created your flyer, simply choose how many flyers you'd like to print and you're set! We'll get your amazing flyer design printed and delivered to you ASAP.
Thanks to our large network of suppliers, you are sure that your beautifuly designed flyers will be printed not only with the best price, but also the best quality.
So start designing, Helloprint has your back for the rest!

Check out our informative flyer videos


Why should I use this design tool?

Designing flyers can be very time consuming and overly complicated, especially when you have to jump between different tools and design software. That's why when you create flyers here at Helloprint, we want to help you use the best design tool. By using our Canva powered design software, the possibilities are endless. Thousands of amazing stock images for free? You got it. Free flyer design templates? Done. Customisable icons, frames and shapes? Yes, yes and yes! Whether you're creating a flyer for to promote a sale, a business (re)opening or to find your lost pet, our design tool will help you create your flyer easily online.

Is this design tool really free?

Absolutely. With our easy to use design software you can enjoy:

  • Free flyer templates.
  • Free fonts.
  • Free stock pictures.
  • Free anything you want!

    With our Canva design tool, everyone can be a graphic designer! Our flyer creator is free to use, including all of the features and if you're stuggling for inspiration, it can help bring out your inner artist. The only time you need to take out your wallet will be when you order your printed flyers. No hassle, no hidden fees and no need to break the piggy bank.

What size should flyers be?

The most used flyer size is A5 (or 148 x 210mm), which is approximately half a classic printing paper in size. This size is usually considered the best when distributing promotional flyers, especially because of it's smaller and easily foldable format.
Other popular formats include A6 (105 x 148mm or postcard size) as well as the bigger A4 flyer format (210 x 297mm or standard printing paper size).

What should I remember when designing flyers?

Not sure where to start or what to watch out for when creating your own flyers? Here's our top tips for designing and printing flyers:

  • Include your brand logo and colours.
    They are your brand's identity after all and you want to make sure people remember you!

  • Clearly communicate the most important information.
    Dates, time, duration, place... Make it extra clear by making those bigger or in obvious parts of your flyer design with bold letters.

  • Leave your contact details.
    People may have questions or want more details. Don't forget to add your website, phone number, email and any way to get in touch!

  • Check for typos
    Because a concert is more attractive than a concrt, make sure to double and triple check your flyer design. You don't want to have to re-print 500 flyers because of one mispelled word.

What print quality can I expect?

At Helloprint, we have many years of experience as professional printers and we made it our mission to work only with the best suppliers. We carefully select our partners to ensure the flyer design you worked so hard on will be printed exactly as intended. In addition, we will always double check the setup of your design before it gets printed. This way, we make sure that no text will be cut off when printing and that the resolution of your images is sufficient enough to bring your design to life! And yes, that's also free.