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The benefits of fence banners

Regardless of the industry, construction projects are something many will experience at some point. Using engineering, architecture and planning to create new buildings cannot occur without some demolition and refurbishment - yes, it's not ideal but the results can be worthwhile. Still, heavy equipment, machinery and professional builders all working under a contractor to turn drawings into something concrete and sustainable is not a simple task. The development process alone isn't always an attractive display, which is why fence banners are a solution to temporary building projects.

Unfinished work sites are not the best indication of a firm or its skills and expertise. This becomes more complicated when construction is commissioned in a residential area that is intended to be kept quiet and tidy. Using printed fence scrim gives your business the ability to keep your project under wraps and instead use it as an advertising opportunity to promote your services. Not to mention you'll be able to avoid public complaints by simply hanging your fence wrap onto heras fences that create a convenient and protective boundary.

If you think about it, construction fence signage is the most efficient at balancing building development with business promotion. They advertise the services of your firm better than cards, leaflets, stickers or balloons could in a building environment and can be printed at a low cost. This is largely because the variety of online printers in the UK have made it cheaper and more efficient to order advertising materials; sorted with the click of a few buttons. These advantages are further supported by the PVC, vinyl or mesh techniques that can find there way into the production process. Printing details, text, and graphics onto these materials can produce water resistant fence banners that can advertise in various weather conditions and fit to British standards; they're surely worth a try!

Fence Scrim: Have you been making these fence banners design mistakes?

Although online printing has become more simple with the ability to upload PDF files or by designing banners with artwork templates, there are certain design areas that are often overlooked.

1. When you create a printed advert, it's a form of branding. This means the aim is to gain more awareness for you company. That's why it is important that the colours of the fence banners match your corporate colours. If not, it can take away from your brand's familiarity even though that's what you intend to establish.

2. Have you ever heard the phrase short and snappy? If so, the same applies to any fence banner. Just as fence posts don't have to be barbed and electric to provide a security proof perimeter, your banner copy doesn't need to include heaps of pictures and text to get some positive attention. The main points are to make sure that your logo is visible from a distance of at least ten metres and you could also include one high resolution image because visual cues are more compelling than just text.

3. One crucial element that is often forgotten in artwork designs for promotions is an obvious call to action. You may think it's self explanatory, but including a follow up action is crucial to your printed fence banner. Even more so is designing it in a clear font with suitable colours. Testing it with your colleagues and clients will help improve your adverts and bring effective promotion your way with good feedback.