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Printed Corporate Christmas Gifts

Show your appreciation for everyone's hard work and commitment with our assortment of Christmas gifts.

Corporate Christmas Gifts

A wide range of products with a gift for everyone!


Food & Wine

We are all looking forward to the Christmas feast so why not help its making with these gifts?

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What better way to show your loved ones how much you care about them than to print your best moments on something they can use often?

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Choose The Best New Year Gift?

When shopping for Christmas Gifts, we don't always know where to start. We know we want a gift that feels unique and memorable but it can be difficult to find new or unique gift ideas.
Start from the begining. Ask yourself; "what does he/she like?", "what are his/her hobbies?" or "what can they use?". Maybe your target is your supplier or a business associate, in which case a new personalised notebook may be useful. Or they have told you that they have trouble concentrating at home or at the office, so personalised headphones are a way to go. Maybe they are just the type who like to keep their stationary up to date and would appreciate a personalised writing set?
From there, the next question you need to ask yourself is: "what do I want to make them feel?" Is this a gift you'll be giving to someone or a few people specifically? Or something you will give out to many of your associates? Both are important, but need to run different lines of thoughtful. The standard rule to remember is personal vs practical, one has an message or a story linked to it, the other is something useful.
Once you have figured out what the person might like and what your objective is, you may wonder "how do I make my Christmas gift truly special"? This is where the personalisation comes in. Personalised Christmas gifts are always a sure way to show the other person how much you care. It can be in the form of a message, a picture, a name, or even your company logo on the gift.

How To Personalise A Christmas Gift?

Any gift comes in three stages; the delivery, the packaging and the content (aka the gift itself). In order to make a present extra memorable, at least one of these stages has to be special. Make the gift memorable by wrapping it in personalised printed packaging or in creative and colourful envelopes.
Or of course, you can make corporate Christmas gifts more personal and foster a sense of unity by putting your brand or logo on the gifts. For more personal gifts, you can add a special message, moment or picture to the gifts to remind those you care about, about times gone and make them look forward to those to come.

How Quickly Are The Christmas Gifts Delivered?

That really depends on what kind of gift you order, plus what details and level of customisation goes into it. Typically, the free delivery takes about 5-6 days, however, for most products we do also have faster options, for additional charges.

Which Carriers Are Used?

Our two main carriers are UPS or DPD. We also occasionally use DHL or even our own carriers, it really depends on which carrier can best deliver your cards to you.


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Why you should give Corporate Gifts to your clients at the end of the year

The season of giving is truly the best time of the year to show your gratefulness to those clients and partners that have accompanied you throughout the year. There is no better way of saying thank you and reinforcing your relations than by offering corporate gifts for New Year. Such branded gifts for partners and clients have a huge impact, but it remains difficult to come up with cost-effective, high-quality and useful ideas for corporate gifts. This is because it is essential that your partners truly see it as a new year’s gift, and not as a simple gadget which will reflect poorly on your brand. As such, opt for durable presents such as Bobby backpacks, thermos bottles or Bluetooth headsets.

The Importance of choosing the right Gift

When brainstorming new year gift ideas, it is important to pick the right gift which will send the right message: the value of the gift reflects the value you attribute to the partner. Are you looking to impress a major client? Then opt for high quality branded presents including wine gift sets, wine buckets, or even cheeseboards. If you are rather hoping to make a lasting impact, useful business gifts such as fleece blankets and glass candles are ideal, as your clients will be reminded of your brand whenever tucking in or lighting their candles on.

The information provided above should help in making a sound decision as to which gifts to offer to partners for the new year. The importance of such business presents cannot be underestimated, as, on one hand, they allow to thank partners for the past year, and on the other, to reinforce your relationship for the year to come.

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