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DL Menu Card Size

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DL Menu Card Size

What is the DL size for Menu Cards?

The name DL (also known as US) may not sound familiar to you, but you have for sure encountered this format many times in restaurants when ordering drinks, snacks and sometimes meals. DL menu cards have dimensions of 210 x 99 mm; to help you better visualise, this corresponds to 1/3rd of an A4 sheet. Looking for the perfect format to display your drink and food items for a complete culinary experience? Then opt for this format!

DL Menu Card dimensions in Millimetres, Centimetres and Inches

Paper format: DL Menu Card
Dimensions in Millimeters: 99 x 210 mm
Dimensions in Centimeters: 9.9 x 21 cm
Dimensions in Inches: 3.9 x 8.27 in

When should I use DL Menu Cards?

DL Menu Cards, due to their size, are best used as drinks and bites menus for standard sit down restaurants. Such menus can be left on the tables for the guests to consult as they please. It is ideal to display all the drinks on offer and appetizers to accompany these drinks. You can make use of both sides if you have a more extensive range on offer. These DL menus can also be used as main menus for fast-foods and smaller restaurants with a more limited or standardised menu where all can fit.

The DL format offers sufficient surface for you to fully customise your menu in order to give it an extra shine and match the culinary theme of your restaurant. Since it remains one of the smaller menus available, it is strongly recommended to keep your designs minimalist in terms of details and colours.

If you are looking for a longer lifespan, then opt for our PVC menus which are tear and moisture resistant and can be cleaned. Are you looking for more surface to display your offering? Then you can select one of our folded menus, including z-fold, tri-fold and half-fold menu cards. When selecting a DL menu card type, a wide range of options are offered; you can choose the type of paper, the finishing, and whether you want it single or double-sided. Certain menu cards are even available for quick delivery, so feel free to get in touch with our team and we would be glad to help.

Printing resolution for DL Menu Cards

For a clear image of DL size you will need to set up the right resolution. This would be 99 x 210 mm at 300 ppi (pixels per inch). Using this setup ensures you that your image will be clear and of high quality. Don’t forget to include bleed! A 3 mm bleed on all sides of your design ensures that your printed products will be delivered without a white border. Not sure how to add bleed? InDesign offers a tool with which you can easily add bleed. In Photoshop you would have to add it manually, but to help you with that we have free templates on our product pages. Simply check the template of the product you are going to order and include the bleed accordingly!

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