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Business Card Formats

Which business card size is the right one for you?

Business cards make for great promotional materials when you are looking into expanding your network as it conveniently has your brand, name, and contact details. Furthermore, they are lightweight and you can keep them safe in your pocket or wallet, until the time you need to hand them out to your prospects.

There are different kinds of business cards which are commonly used in the industry and these are the standard business card, portrait folded business card, and landscape folded business card. The standard business card is the one you usually see carried by most business owners. It has minimal design and text space, measuring 88 x 55, which is ample enough to include your name and contact details.

The portrait folded business card, on the other hand, measures 55 x 88 and is folded into two pages, providing you with more creative and content area. In fact, it has sufficient space for you to include a meaningful and inspiring message about yourself or your company to your potential partners or clients.

Lastly, there is the landscape folded business card, which, similar to portrait folded business cards, comes with two folds but oriented in a landscape format. Their horizontal orientation allows them to accommodate longer text, which you can use to present the products and services your brand offers.

Below is a list of business cards that we offer:

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