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Booklets & Brochures Printing

When you've got a lot to say, sometimes you need a whole booklet to say it!

  • Available with next day delivery
  • High quality product_name
  • Choose from 8 to 64 pages

All these pages - we need to hold them together!

Stapled Binding

The most common and easiest booklet binding - great for 8 to 64 pages

Perfect Binding

Glued at the spine to create a soft cover book - works with 64 to 200 pages

Wire-O Binding

If you need your booklet to open flat on any surface this is the best option for between 10 to 64 pages

Hardcover Binding

If your book needs to stand the test of time, then the hardcover is the best for your needs. Minimum of 24 pages required.

Loopstitched Binding

This clever stitch allows your booklet to be stored in a ring-binder and is suitable for 8 to 64 pages.

Choose the best format for your printed brochures
The right promotional material starts with the right booklet size. Make sure your printed brochures have enough space to showcase the information that matters together with your brand's visuals & identity. Helloprint offers the most popular formats to ensure your campaign success.

The kind of booklet you print depends on what you need it for.

Company Brochure

Company Brochure

When you want to make a brochure for your company, you should go for a stapled booklet with a 300 gsm matt laminated cover. This will definitely impress everyone!

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Looking to print your own magazine? Your best option is going for a 250 gsm stapled booklet with A4 gloss paper on the outside and 135 gsm gloss paper on the inside.

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Menu cards printed on Wire-O booklets give a real elegant look and come with a transparent cover on the front and back side. Our advice : go for a large square size with 200 gsm gloss pages.

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Photobooks can also be great business gifts. Go for a hardcover booklet with an A4 landscape size and make sure the appearance is as shiny as possible, inside and out.

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Grab Your Sticky Notes!

We know it's sometimes difficult to understand the different paper densities (GSM) and what they actually mean in reality.
To help, we've simplified this for you by measuring the thickness of each paper in sticky notes!
For each line, add a new sticky note on top and you can feel the thickness of the paper you are ordering for yourself!

135 gsm - Slim

It's a little bit thicker than one sticky note, so perfect for promotional flyers that will be distributed to a large number of people.

170 gsm - Medium

Just less than two sticky notes this paper sends a professional message and is great for trade shows and business events to impress potential clients.

250 gsm - Standard

Right in between the thickness of two and three sticky notes, this paper lets the reader know that the message printed on this paper is of importance!

400 gsm - Thick

At the thickness of four sicky notes, this paper thickness is perfect for creating a luxurious premium flyer with a bit more weight and substance.


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