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A5 Folder Size

What is the A5 size for Folders?

A5 folders are the ideal product to hand out information or welcome packages full of useful information for clients or prospects. Not only is their design entirely customisable to suit you brand image, but so is their capacity, allowing you to put up to 100 sheets per folder, depending on the spine size you opt for. Their small size of 148 x 210 mm increases ease of transport and reduces costs for you.

A5 Folder dimensions in Millimetres, Centimetres and Inches

Paper format: A5 Folder
Dimensions in Millimeters: 148 x 210 mm
Dimensions in Centimeters: 14.8 x 21 cm
Dimensions in Inches: 5.8 x 8.3 in

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When should I use A5 Folders?

As mentioned above, a considerable advantage of A5 presentation folders is their portable size; this makes them easy to distribute, therefore increasing your visibility and indirectly, the amount of prospects you can reach. A5 folders are often cheaper as compared to the more common A4 folders, therefore making a great option for those on a limited budget who nonetheless wish to have a competitive edge and offer a functional stationary to their prospects or clients.

We at Helloprint can serve all your A5 folders needs with all your desired specifications and all within your desired budget and turnaround. Simply contact us with your needs and we will send you back a quote that best fits your needs. You can also order the more common A4 presentation folders directly on our website. You have the choice between a 1 mm or a 5mm spine width depending on how many pages you hope to fit in the folder. You also choose whether you want both sides printed or only the outside. Finally, you can choose your ideal finish; be it gloss lamination, matt lamination or no finish, all are available.

If you are looking for a great way of keeping organised while offering portable and cost-effective marketing products, A5 folders will get the job done.

Printing resolution for A5 Folders

When printing an image of A5 size you need to make sure you set it up on the right resolution. The resolution to use for an A5 image is 148 x 210 mm at 300 ppi (pixels per inch). Make sure you also include bleed to avoid receiving your products with a white border around them. A 3 mm bleed on all sides of your design is sufficient. InDesign includes a tool which you can use to easily add bleed, in Photoshop you would have to add it manually. Are you not sure if you included bleed the right way? Check the free template on the product page of the product you’re ordering.

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