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EA4 Envelope Size

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Everything about the
EA4 Envelopes Size

Mekkora a borítékok EA4 mérete?

Az [EA4 méretű borítékok] (/ standardenvelopes-ea4) nagyon hasonlóak a mainstream C4 borítékokhoz. Mint ilyenek lehetővé teszik az A4 méretű dokumentumok tárolását anélkül, hogy összehajtanák őket. Az EA4 borítékok fő előnye a C4-hez képest, hogy kissé kisebb méretük (312 x 220 mm) miatt a papír belsejében nem mozog annyira. Ez különösen akkor hasznos, ha címablakot használ, hogy megbizonyosodjon arról, hogy a név és a cím maradéktalanul látható marad-e a szállítás során.

EA4 Boríték méretei milliméterben, centiméterben és hüvelykben

Papír formátum: EA4 Boríték
Méretek milliméterben: 312 x 220 mm
Méretek centiméterben: 31,2 x 22 cm
__Méretek hüvelykben __: 12,28 x 8,66

Flyers &
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Mikor kell használni az __EA4 borítékokat?

As stated above, EA4 envelopes offer the same advantages as C4 envelopes, if not more. Do you often need to send direct mail which contains paper that cannot be folded? This is often the case when sending formal transactional mail, including invoices or quotes. It can be deemed unprofessional to send such documents folded twice and cramped up in smaller envelopes. Such envelope is equally convenient when you send rather large documents, as it offers a large capacity.

A considerable advantage associated with EA4 envelopes is the large surface offered on both sides. You can take advantage of it in order to make your mails ever more professional by adding a full surface design to ensure your brand stands out and is remembered. You can of course stay simple by simply adding your name and logo. This is only a detail but it can play a huge role in increasing your visibility, especially in evermore crowded mailboxes.

When ordering with Helloprint, all your wishes can come true when it comes to your perfect EA4 envelope. This is especially true when it comes to choosing the type of envelope. Standard, padded, coloured, full-surface or even boardback, you can be sure we have the envelope you need. Choose whether you want an address window, your type of seal, upload your design and we will take care of the rest at the best price and turnaround. Simply go directly to our website or contact us and we will get back to you shortly with a quote.

EA4 envelopes are ideal for professional transactional direct mail when the documents should not be folded. It is especially useful when using an address window as the A4 paper will not move as much within the envelope thanks to the smaller margins.

Printing resolution for EA4 Envelopes

To output an image with the best quality, it’s important to set up the right resolution. A resolution of 220 x 312 mm at 300 ppi (pixels per inch). Don’t forget to add bleed! Bleed is essential if you want your printed products to show up as you expected. Add a bleed of 3 mm on all sides of your design. InDesign has an easy tool with which you can add bleed easily. Photoshop requires you to add it manually. Not sure if you added bleed the right way? Check our free templates on the product page of the product you’re ordering.

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