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B2 plakátméret

Fullwidth-Top-Banner-Poster Formats

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B2 plakátokról

Mi a B2 méret a plakátoknál?

A [B2 poszterek] (/ poszterek-b2) mérete 500 x 707 mm, és jóval kisebbek, mint a B1 társaik. Ennek ellenére továbbra is elegendő helyet kínálnak Önnek, hogy kreatívvá váljon, és hogy releváns információkat tartalmazzon márkájáról. Ezek a szolgáltatások nagyszerű promóciós anyagokká teszik őket, mind beltéren, mind kültéren.

B2 A plakát méretei milliméterben, centiméterben és hüvelykben

Papper formátum: B2
poszter Méretek milliméterben: 500 x 707 mm
Méretek centiméterben: 50 x 70,7 cm
Méretek hüvelykben: 19,69 x 27,56

Mikor kell használni a B2 posztereket?

B2 posters are your best bet if you are looking for an affordable but eye-catching promotional material. These have more than sufficient space for you to incorporate intricate design and more information about what your brand is all about. For instance, you can include your company’s most popular products and or perhaps details about an upcoming event you will be sponsoring.

Additionally, you can set them up in high-traffic areas and you can be sure that they will still get attention as they are large enough to be seen by most people within the immediate vicinity. Furthermore, compared to Abri posters or any other large posters, B2 are small enough to be reproduced without costing much, making them cost-efficient advertising media. B2 size posters are, therefore, the ideal compromise between a too large or too small poster and can be successfully exposed in most settings.

You can also choose from three different poster materials that will add more value to your poster. For example, there is the recommended standard 135 gsm Gloss MC which is great for indoor advertising. For billboard or poster walls, you can never go wrong with 115 gsm Blueback colour blocking. Lastly, to counter unpleasant weather conditions, you can go for waterproof 170 gsm PVC poster material for lasting performance. If you are looking for a different type of poster such as neon, sticky or double-sided poster, feel free to directly consult our offering.

Overall, B2 posters have the ideal dimensions for maximal exposure at minimal cost. If you are looking for more information about B2 posters, then you can get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to show you more about it.

Printing resolution for B2 Posters

For top-class image quality, your B2 poster resolution should be set at 500 x 707 at 300 dpi. It is also essential for you to remember to add bleed otherwise you are going to risk your print to have unwanted white borders on each of its sides. You can also use InDesign to easily add bleed as well as Photoshop. Using Photoshop, however, will require you to add the bleed manually as it does not initially take it into account. On the other hand, if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself, you can use our free template available on the product page of the product you are trying to order.

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