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A6 size

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Everything about the
A6 Size

Mi a A6 méret a papírhoz?

Az A6 lap mérete 105 x 148 mm. Ez teszi a népszerű választott anyagnak postcards, kicsi brochures előállításához. Msgstr Link az A6 szórólapokhoz ). Időnként ezeket használják kis zsebkönyvek, könyvtári mikrofilmek és WC-papír készítésére. Általában olyan szakemberek nyomtatják, akik kezdetben nagy lapokat nyomtatnak, mielőtt A6 méretre vágják őket. Ha egy meghatározott, költséghatékony és kompakt papírméretet keres, akkor az A6-os lap soha nem hibázhat.

A6 méretek milliméterben, centiméterben és hüvelykben

Papír formátum: A6
Méretek milliméterben: 105 x 148 mm
Méretek centiméterben: 10,5 x 14,8 cm
Méretek hüvelykben: 4,1 x 5,8

Mikor kell használni az A6 papírt a nyomtatáshoz?

A6 paper size makes for an ideal choice for folded leaflets as they are small enough to fit in your package deliveries. At the same time, it offers sufficient space for you to include details about your brand, making it an efficient marketing medium.

For example, we offer fully coloured folded leaflets which can be printed with your company logo along with your contact details. These are easy to carry and you can slip it along with your promotional items, making it a very convenient means of advertising your company. Our folded leaflets are also available half-fold, tri-fold, and z-fold, which will surely match your design tastes.

We can also provide you with notepads of this size which are printed on high-quality paper that will surely impress your customers. On the other hand, our stapled booklets can be made at A6 size and are made of premium paper which offers a pleasant texture. You also have the choice to have them have boreholes in case you want to string them together.

Whether you want to distribute your A6 size promotional items in high-traffic areas like malls and theatres or include them in every one of your deliveries, A6 size materials make for a great choice.

Printing resolution for A6

For a clear image of A6 size you will need to set up the right resolution. This would be 105 x 148 mm at 300 ppi (pixels per inch). Using this setup ensures you that your image will be clear and of high quality. Don’t forget to include bleed! A 3 mm bleed on all sides of your design ensures that your printed products will be delivered without a white border. Not sure how to add bleed? InDesign offers a tool with which you can easily add bleed. In Photoshop you would have to add it manually, but to help you with that we have free templates on our product pages. Simply check the template of the product you are going to order and include the bleed accordingly!

Ön is érdekelheti ezeket a többi papírméretet

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