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A2 Size

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Everything about the
A2 Size

Mi a A2 méret a papírhoz?

Az A2 papír formátuma a harmadik legnagyobb és egy nagyon népszerű A papír formátum, 420 x 594 mm méretben mérve. Általában középméretű posters, építészeti illusztrációk, naptárak és diagramok készítésére használják. Az A2 lapot általában sport- és együttes plakátokhoz is használják, és ideálisan használják vizuális és minimalista tervezéshez.

A2 méretek milliméterben, centiméterben és hüvelykben

Papper formátum: A2
Méretek milliméterben: 420 x 594 mm
Méretek centiméterben: 42 x 59,4 cm
Méretek hüvelykben: 16,5 x 23,4

Mikor kell A2 papírt használni a nyomtatáshoz?

The A2 sheet is a highly recommended format when you want to let people know of a special event your brand will be hosting such as sports or concerts. This kind of paper format also makes for an ideal choice when you are planning to get calendars printed with your company logo to serve as promotional material.

For example, our double-sided posters are available in A2 sizes and can be printed on both sides. These posters are also heavier, which means that they are made of high-quality materials. Speaking of materials, you can choose from gloss and high-gloss with the latter being coated with UV or ultra-violet protection. This will keep your poster looking great despite exposure to direct sunlight, making it an ideal material for outdoor promotions.

Aside from this, we have blue-black posters which are also available in A2 paper format that can only be printed on only one side. This ensures that the backside does not show the image on the front, unlike other poster materials.

In addition, its medium-size format makes it a great choice to place on your windows. Furthermore, its non-transparent features add an extra dimension to the quality of your poster, making your design more bold and attractive. With these, you can count on our A2 poster size materials to get the attention of your target market.

Printing resolution for A2

When printing an image of A2 size, it’s important for it to have the right resolution. By using a resolution of 420 x 594 mm at 300 ppi (pixels per inch) you will always have the best resolution for your A2 sized designs. Don’t forget to add bleed! To avoid receiving your printed products with a white border it’s essential to include a bleed of 3 mm on all sides. InDesign has a bleed tool which makes it easy to include, but in Photoshop you will have to add it manually. Not sure if you included bleed the right way? Check our free design templates on the product page of the product you’re ordering.

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