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Show your clients you care with our range of customisable Goodies that they can take home.

Goodiebag Printing

Goodiebag Printing

Surprise your customers with personalised goodiebags at any event or product launch! Choose from a trendy tote bag, backpack or even paper goodiebags!

Goodies for your Goodiebag

What is in a Goodiebag?

A goodie bag contains lots of little branded or personalised treats, namley goodies, that are given to customers, employees or clients during an events, cooperate parties or used a a promotional device to take home as a keepsake. This is the opportunity to ensure your brand is seen and not forgotten!

Goodie printing

Make sure it's your company that makes the mark with goodie printing. Personalise your original selection of goodies and advertise your brand in a fun, fresh way. Your customers will appreciate the keepsake all whilst promoting your brand for you! Why miss out?

Compiling your Goodiebags

Here at Helloprint we like to make things as easy as possible for you, therefore we have a range of personalised small goodies that will be perfect for you to add into those goodiebags. All the products can be found here, some of which include personalised pens, or lighters. We even offer a range of personalised speakers to take with you on the go! We haev a range of products to suit all kinds of events so go ahead and take a look, you wouldn't want to miss out on our offers!