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How does Canva work?

Introducing Canva to Helloprint, it's now possible to feel like a printing professional. Create, design and print your favorite products like flyers, posters and business cards. Let your imagination run wild for an incredible printing experience. Do this by using thousands of free high quality templates. Get browsing and get your brand out there, you’re only a few clicks away.

Vælg en Canva-skabelon

Vælg en Canva-skabelon

Vælg fra vores store udvalg af GRATIS designskabeloner, og gå i gang med at designe med det samme!

Design dit produkt

Design dit produkt

Ændr billeder, farver, tekster, skrifttyper og meget mere med Canvas designværktøj, og begynd at designe, som du ønsker det.

Udskriv dit produkt

Udskriv dit produkt

Bare et sidste tjek, og så er dit produkt klar til at blive trykt og leveret lynhurtigt til din dør.

Get inspired by all the amazing template options for your design!

A design without inspiration is like a bird without wings. For every different goal, there is a different design. Get inspired by amazing examples and templates!

Why use Canva and Helloprint?

With an innovative design tool with thousands of templates available, you can create the design of your dreams. Rotate, enlarge, and move any part of the template. You can even upload your own designs or logo to create the picture perfect design. Canva's design tool prides itself on not only being of incredibly high quality with an array of design templates, but a super easy to use editor. Once your design's complete, it's only a matter picking which material you want and having it delivered - fast and for free.


Frequently asked questions about Canva design

What is Canva?

Canva is an online design tool used to empower small to medium businesses bringing marketing dreams come to life. This customer-friendly interface enables users to design and create beatiful products like posters, flyers, businesscards, stickers and many more.

Can I upload my logo using Canva?

Yes! You can upload and edit (scale, rotate) your logo to fit your needs as brand or business. Once you open the editor, it's possible to upload from the left side menu-bar. Just click the upload button and edit away.

What Helloprint products can be designed with Canva?

The majority of Helloprint products can be designed with Canva, but not all of them. Just find the label 'design online' with the product and your good to go, or use the Canva button in the header (top of the website) to start with products that can be designed and printed.

Can I make changes to my design after designing?

Yes, it's always possible to return to the Canva editor and make changes to your design. Just hit the 'edit' link from your cart, or if you're still customizing your product (e.g. finish, quanity) then it's possible to go back to your design from the right sidebar.

Do you have any tips for me?

Our greatest tip we can offer is to have a play around with the designs and templates. The design tool is completely free and has many different ideas and toolkits that are easily personalisable. So, take your time and try out several different angles and designs, untill you find the right one.

What if I'm not happy with my design?

We promise 100% satisfaction guarante over all the products that we sell and print, that also counts for products designed with Canva. Here's more info about our promise