Our vision on sustainability

Let’s be honest: ordering print is not sustainable. Our products create waste, use up a lot of water throughout their life cycle and cut down trees. This is the reality we must face.

At HelloPrint, we believe the world of tomorrow is our world. While we cannot solve all of the world’s challenges alone, we can do our part to improve our industry. Our vision on sustainability is reflected in our sustainability strategy, which is leading in the choices that we’re making.

“It’s about taking full responsibility on the impact we have on our society and environment while contributing to a better future”

Isabelle de Wolf - Sustainable Business Officer

We’re officially B Corp Certified

HelloPrint is an official B Corp. With this certification, we commit to the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

But what does it mean to mean a B Corp? Read more on our B Corp page.

“Having been a part of HelloPrint's journey, I can first hand testify to their authentic efforts to unearth and live more fully than ever their purpose. Very proud to celebrate their B Corp status achievement."

Daniël Truran - B Corp Ambassador at B Lab Europe

HelloPrint’s Impact Report 2023.

We have published our first annual report, in which we reflect on our sustainability performance.

Read it here

Our low-carbon business model

When starting our marketplace back in 2013, we reinvented ordering print by making it as easy as buying a book or shoes online. Abdicating the ownership of production locations, we created a network of manufacturers around the globe, revolutionising the industry by making ordering customised products user-friendly.

Our large network enables domestic production and reduces CO2 emissions significantly compared to traditional business models. While our business model has helped minimise the carbon footprint of the print market by producing and shipping much closer to our customers, we want to take a step further.

Our sustainable range

Our range varies from a to z. See a glimpse below or check our webshop to see the full catalog

Our sustainability strategy

The biggest challenge in transitioning towards sustainability is balancing out economic activity with environmental responsibility and ensuring social well-being. Our sustainability vision aims to engage with the core challenges of our industry, reduce our carbon footprint and set specific targets to tackle all aspects of our value chain.

With our strategy, we aim at achieving two major goals:
Become Net Zero by the end of 2030
>90% of our sales produced by print partners with high sustainable standards
Our sustainability strategy consists of three pillars: Technology & Innovation, The Marketplace and Our People. Within each of these pillars, we identified underlying dimensions that offer opportunities to improve both environmental and social standards. Every year we will report back on our targets to ensure accountability and transparency for our stakeholders.


Driving sustainability through technology and innovation

We aim at using our expertise in technology and innovation to encourage our users and print partners to take on the path towards sustainability together. This pillar is supported by two underlying elements: Sustainable Product Offering and Sales and Sustainable User Experience.

  • 40% of our revenue derived from eco-products
  • Have eco-friendly or sustainable materials available for > 80 % of our most sold products
  • Increase our domestic delivery from 71 % to 85 %
  • Provide information on social and environmental impact and proper disposal for > 85 % of our most sold products

Improving our network and products

Our business model gives us the unique position to collaborate with stakeholders and business partners, both upstream and downstream of our value chain. Our second pillar 'marketplace' is supported by the elements: Transportation & Logistics, Product Packaging & Life-cycle and Sustainable Manufacturing.

  • Have a sustainable carrier option for our biggest markets (NL, UK, BE & FR)
  • Increase our domestic delivery from 71% to 85%
  • All of our packaging is plastic free, made from recycled materials and recyclable
  • Provide information on environmental impact and proper disposal for >85% of our sold products
  • Deliver 4 ‘proof-of-concept’ innovation projects to extend a product’s life cycle
  • > 90% of our partners are engaged in sustainable operations

* sustainable standards are measured through our supplier sustainability framework

Our culture and people at the heart

Our culture is the most important and precious aspect of our business. We have a team of + 150 people from all different backgrounds and characters. We are driven by culture, motivated by impact and focused on creating something beautiful together. We thrive in diverse environments, love change and giving back to society.

This third pillar is supported by three elements: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Employee Engagement and Community Involvement.

  • Increase diversity in leadership by 15%
  • Actively increase e-NPS with 5% and tackle the three biggest issues yearly
  • > 24 hours spend on community involvement per FTE yearly

Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals

As a company, we want to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations.

Business-related research, our materiality assessment and carbon footprint calculation gives us insights into the areas we can contribute to as a company:
As a company, we want to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations.

Looking at our unique business model, we believe we can specifically focus on addressing SDG 13: Climate Action and SDG 12: Sustainable Consumption and Production, which are at the foundation of our sustainability strategy.

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