Our vision on Diversity & Inclusion

“We talk about these values, but we also actually walk them.
That’s why it makes me proud to be an HelloPrinter, because I am sure that if there’s a situation that incites discrimination I know that HelloPrint will be a company that stands up for the right thing.”

Amie Austrie
- Category Manager

Building blocks of culture

Looking back at almost ten years of HelloPrint, we can proudly say that our culture has been key to the development and success of HelloPrint.

One of the building blocks of our culture is diversity and this has been strongly intertwined from the start of the company.

We understand like no other that a business can only thrive when different perspectives are embraced.

However, we also firmly believe that different perspectives can only be shared in an environment in which everyone feels safe and empowered to be who they want to be, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

Being part of HelloPrint means we are all culture ambassadors and take ownership and responsibility in how we communicate and collaborate with each other, with our customers and with our business partners.

Do It Together

One of our core values is ‘Do It Together’, which relates to having a positive attitude and treating each other equally at every level, with respect and dignity. Not only internally, but also to our customers and partners.

This means that diversity & inclusion is not merely about how we treat our employees but also how we conduct business with partners and engage with our stakeholders.

We stand for inclusion and diversity and do not tolerate any form of discrimination, polarization or behavior that incites hatred, violence or harassment throughout the complete spectrum of our business.

Yet, this is a very delicate topic, as there is a thin line between what’s right and wrong. We acknowledge that we may have made mistakes in the past and might even make some in the future.
However, we are here to learn (together with and from you!) and become a little bit better everyday.

Continuous effort

A diverse and inclusive environment is one that makes everyone, regardless of who they are or what they do within the organization, feel equally involved in and supported in all areas of the workplace.

The responsibility to build and maintain a diverse and inclusive culture requires constant effort and reflection.

It starts with creating awareness, in order to make it part of the broader ‘people’ conversation.

This helps to maintain an open dialogue, challenge ourselves on the business as usual and ensures to continuously and proactively search for those different perspectives who make our business and culture thrive.

Every aspect of our business

Diversity and inclusion tend to solely fall under the ‘employee’ umbrella however, we believe it is something that stretches further across different business functions.

This means that the way we look at diversity and inclusion also involves the way we do and whom we do our business with (or not!).

That’s why we don’t work with organizations or offer our service to customers that are not in line with our values. We firmly believe in the right of freedom of expression, which is about the ability to hold opinions and receive and impart information and ideas without any interference.

We are a company that loves a good debate and discussions with the aim to become better together. Yet, it is important to understand that for us the freedom of expression comes with certain responsibilities, boundaries and at all times needs to remain respectful.

To put simply: we do not support hate speech, internally nor externally, by establishing boundaries and guidelines through our Hello People Code for employees and Content Policy for customers. 

Think Tomorrow, Live Today

Bringing a different view of the world and discussing how we change it for the better:

At Helloprint, we love challenging our team to take a different look at things.

That’s why we organized INSPIRE Festival, our very own gathering built on the fundamental belief of connection between humans and our earth.

Organizing and taking part in this event allowed us to look inwards and reconsider our purpose in this world through a mix of team bonding, sustainability awareness, and inspiration.

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