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Gebogen beurswanden

Helloprint biedt meer beursmateriaal aan

Een beurswand is een goede manier om de sfeer te zetten en jouw merk te tonen tijdens een beurs, conferentie of presentatie. Het is de basis van een beurstand maar om een leuke setting te creëeren zal er meer nodig zijn dan alleen een beurswand.

Wil je het maximale effect hebben op jouw publiek. Denk dan aan enkele attributen zoals wat meubilair; een tablet stand, product display of een simpele balie zorgen ervoor dat de hele ervaring compleet is. Helloprint biedt ook producten aan die klantenwerving of bedrukte relatiegeschenken voor in jouw goodiebag, kortom alles wat je nodig hebt voor jouw beurs of presenatie.


What to Consider When Planning an Exhibition

Exhibitions are a great opportunity to showcase your brand and boost its visibility as these kinds of events enable you to meet qualified clients and leads. They can improve traffic and sales by creating the exposure your business needs.

How to Attract Everyone's Attention?

High risks, high reward, an exhibition is a great way to find qualified clients and leads, but you can also be sure that a lare number of competitions will also be present and fighting for the customer's attention. So the main question is, how can you ensure you are the one that will win it all?
Putting in place a solid marketing strategy is of course essential to succeed. You want your company to be noticeable, and your products to get the attention they deserve.
Printing Curved Line Stands not only ensures your offer is visible even from afar thanks to a major display area like the one provided with the Curved Stretch Walls. It also helps you differentiate you from competitors with a twist (or a curve).

What Image Do You Want to Give Off?

Exhibitions will help you leave a lasting impression on people's mind. Giving the right image is therefore essential to the success of your brand. If you want an original look, what's better than a Snake Stand? It will immediately say "wow this company is putting an actual effort into its communication".
Fortunately, you can count on us to provide you with our high-quality curved exhibition stands and frames to perfectly reflect your company's identity. They are available in different types and sizes and are easy to set up and transport thanks to their canvas bags.

We know exhibition can be costly, that's why we are committed to providing you with the best prices possible while reducing none of the quality you need to make the best impression with your communication. Our team can help you deliver the maximum impact at your next event and tailor our products to your desires. So get your personalised printed walls now and set yourself apart from your competitors now.

At Helloprint, you can have the peace of mind knowing that we have everything that you will need for your fairs and exhibition events. Feel free to contact us via online during business hours and our team will be more than happy to help.